To be a proactive, impartial, and binding business representation body between government, society, and hotel companies.

We gather the best hospitality chains, to keep Tourism as one of the most significant and respectful industries in Mexico, in terms of environmental care and promoting sustainable actions.

Hotels for

  • Mexico
  • Equity
  • Development
  • Sustainability
  • Social Responsibility
  • Competitiveness
  • Legality
  • Professionalization


  • To position the hotel industry as a booster of the economy derived from investments, job generation, and training.
  • To promote actions that contribute to improving the conditions and quality of life of those who work in it.
  • To reinforce the confidence in the country to visit it in any tourist segment, as well as to generate a higher number of investments.
  • To work in favor of the country’s development, considering the difficult times Mexico is going through.
  • To promote cooperation between society, authorities, companies, and government in an environment of legality, trust, and transparency.



We act in an honest, transparent, consistent, and committed way to benefit the Association and the industry.


We train and professionalize to achieve high-quality standards and offer better development opportunities to employees at all levels.


Open to dialogue, to different points of view, contexts, and audiences always finding a point of compromise and empathy.


We maintain constant communication and proximity with partners and society.